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گونا سلیمان 

خریج معهد فنون الجمیلە 98قسم الرسم ..خریج کلیە التربیە الفیە 2019 مدرسە فن فی التربیە الاساسیە خبرە 24سنەعضو فی نقابە فناین السلیمانیە وععضو فی نقابە فناین العراق وعضو فی گلری دڵخواز و Rگلریو میزوپوتامیاو هواجس ….. شارکت من اکثر 120 معرض تشکیلی فی محافضات العراق بغداد دهوک اربیل السلیمانیە خانقین زاخو

Gona Sulaiman

earned a degree from the Institute of Fine Arts in the Painting Department in 1998. Graduating from the Faculty of Education in 2019, he has accumulated 24 years of experience as an art teacher in basic education. Additionally, he is a member of the Sulaymani Artists Syndicate, the Iraqi Artists Syndicate, as well as the Gulério Dekhwaz and Reglério Mesopotamian Obsessions. Gona Sulayman has participated in over 120 exhibitions across various provinces of Iraq, including Baghdad, Dohuk, Arbil, Sulaymani, Khanaqin, and Zakho.

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