اريج القيسي / مقيمة في امريكا

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اريج القيسي

فنانة عراقية مقيمة في الولايات المتحدة الامريكية
تحب الرسم منذ الطفوله وبدات دراسة الفن منذ عام ٢٠١٦ في الاردن وبعد انتقالها الى فرجينيا بدات في دراسة الرسم والتصميم مع مدرسة رود ايلاند.
المعارض والمشاركات مع موقع تشكيليات عراقيات  :
• مشاركة في معرض هُن والعبق في العاصمة الاردنية عمان تشرين الاول/2023

شاركت بعدة معارض فردية ومع المجموعة.
اريج تستخدم الالوان الزيتية في الرسم وتحب ابراز الالوان الفرحه لتعكس روح جميلة مبهجه.
هناك ذكرى جميلة في كل لوحة تحاول اريج ابرازها بخطوط واللوان مختلفه.

Areej Al-Qaysi

Areej AlQaysi is an Iraqi-born
artist lives and works in VA
Areej has MA degree in English Literature, and currently resuming her panting studies with Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education (RISD CE)
She moved to many places since childhood; a journey that influenced her Art practice capturing a variety of subjects and themes in colorful presentations
From the Middle East to the US, Areej has tried to reflect on this path using bright colors in her Artwork
Areej participated in a number of group exhibitions and art auctions in VA and DC areas
Areej’s reading and background initially equipped her Art vision and knowledge about old masters and the glory of Renaissance times
Areej works in home design and she creates her artwork from her studio in VA/USA
Art for Areej is the language that people could understand without speaking
Exhibitions and participations with the Iraqi Formations website:
• Participation in the Huna and Al-Abaq exhibition in the Jordanian capital, Amman, October 2023

STATEMENT I love painting and drawing
I am in love with bright colors
I use oil colors to generate my colors preference and mood
I capture moments to paint and remember
There is a story behind every painting I do
Each artwork presents a variety of messages from hope, love and happiness
My passion comes along with drawing using black charcoal pencils
Every aspect around me from home, nature, and culture gives me the inspiration I need
Art for me is a mix of colors
EDUCATION – Student at RISD CE- Painting Studies – Art Mentoring program- Kristy Gordon – Workshops attended with Artists in Northern VA: Tricia Ratliff and Tan Art – MA degree in English Literature- Al-Mustansiriyah University/Bagdad-Iraq -2002 Selected EXHIBITIONS 2018 Tryst Gallery- VA 2019 Dara Global Arts- VA 2020 Loudoun Cares Organization-VA 2020 Art Impact International, Inc. – Pandemic -VA 2020 Art Impact International, Inc.- Endangered Species- VA 2021 Art Impact International, Inc. – Child Factor –VA 2021 Little Tree Huggers Pre-school –Earth Day-VA 2021 Art Impact International – Femme Champions-VA 2021 Loudoun Cares Organization –Fund raising and Art Auction-VA 2021 El-Diwan AL-Iraqi Art Exhibition- VA 2022 Group participation My artwork is at display at Handmade by LMAC- Dulles Town Centre/Sterling -VA “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” Pablo Picasso

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